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SOA Suite (Oracle BPEL, ESB, WSM, Application Server Admin) (10.1.3)SOA Suite (10.1.3)

(Oracle BPEL, ESB, WSM, Application Server Admin)


This course deals with the basic concepts of Service Orchestration (SOA) and implementation of SOA based applications that incorporate Enterprise Services Bus (ESB), business process integration and human workflow management using the Oracle BPEL Process Manager product.

Participants learn how to apply the Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) standard for assembling a set of discrete services into an end-to-end process flow, and how to translate and transform data by using the Oracle BPEL Process Manager adapters, transfer data using the Oracle ESB services, and enable secure interactions by using Oracle Web Services Manager (OWSM). They deploy and test BPEL processes in the Oracle Application Server SOA Suite (10.1.3).


  • Knowledge of XML technologies (XML, XSD, XPATH…)
  • Knowledge of Web service technologies (WSDL, SOAP, and UDDI)


  • Explain the basic SOA concepts and terminology as related to integration technology
  • Understand the JDeveloper IDE
  • Understand Oracle Application Server SOA Edition containing Oracle BPEL Process Manager, Oracle ESB, and Oracle Web Services Manager
  • Develop and Deploy BPEL processes to an Oracle Application Server 10g environment
  • Build a BPEL process and invoke synchronous and asynchronous business services
  • Administer Oracle BPEL Process Manager and monitoring business processes
  • Employ Oracle ESB to move and transform message data
  • Secure message contents and exchanges between service endpoint by using Oracle Web Services Manager

Course content

  • Part I – Service Oriented Architecture and SOA Suite
    • Overview of XML, XSD, XPath, XSLT
    • Overview of service-oriented architecture (SOA)
    • SOA Design principles
    • Introduction to SOAP, WSDL, UDDI
    • WS Standards Extension
    • BPEL Standard
    • Introducing Oracle SOA Suite 10g
    • Describing Oracle ESB Architecture
    • Orchestrating services using BPEL
    • Securing Services with Oracle Web Services Manager

  • Part II - Oracle Enterprise Service Bus
    • Introduction to Oracle Enterprise Service Bus
    • Developing the Enterprise Service Bus
    • Inbound and Outbound Services
    • Routing Services and Routing Rules
    • XSLT Data Mapper and Transformations
    • Domain-Value Maps
    • Error Handling
    • Tracking Message Instances
    • Administering the Enterprise Service Bus

  • Part III - Orchestrating Services with Oracle BPEL
    • Introduction to Oracle BPEL Process Manager
    • Orchestrating services with BPEL
    • Parallel Processing and Conditional Branching
    • BPEL Fault Handling and Exception Management
    • Implementing Human Workflow in BPEL
    • ESB - BPEL Integration

  • Part IV - Working with Oracle WSM
    • Oracle WSM Components
    • Gateway and Server Agent
    • Policy Management in Oracle WSM
    • Oracle WSM Monitoring and Auditing

  • Part V - Using Oracle Application Server Management Tools
    • Oracle Application Server Control: Overview
    • Navigating Around the Topology
    • Starting, Stopping, and Restarting Oracle Application Server Instances
    • Viewing Performance Metric Details
    • Enabling SSL for Application Server Control
    • Changing Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Port Values
    • Oracle Process Manager and Notification Server (OPMN)

Course Duration

5 days


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