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Oracle Application Server Administration (10g)Oracle Application Server Administration (10g)


This course introduces the architecture of Oracle Application Server 10g (10.1.3) and enables the participants to effectively install and manage Oracle Application Server 10g(10.1.3). The participants learn how to access and use Oracle Application Server management tools, and practice the basic management tasks such as starting and stopping of Oracle Application Server 10g instances and its components. The participants gain hands-on experience in configuring the Oracle Application Server 10g Infrastructure and the Oracle Application Server 10g middle-tier. They also learn to deploy J2EE applications such as Web applications. They learn the concepts of identity management and how to configure and manage Oracle Internet Directory, Oracle Application Server Single Sign-On Server, and the Oracle Application Server Certificate Authority. The participants learn how to leverage Oracle Identity Management Infrastructure for securing OracleAS Portal. Participants also learn the procedures involved in backing up and restoring the Oracle Application Server 10g instances from backup in case of a disaster.


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  • Install Oracle Application Server 10g Infrastructure
  • Install Oracle Application Server 10g Middle-Tier (Portal and Wireless)
  • Start, stop, and manage Oracle Application Server 10g Infrastructure including its components
  • Start, stop, and manage Oracle Application Server 10g instances
  • Configure and manage Oracle Application Server Web Cache
  • Configure basic security services in Oracle Application Server 10g
  • Configure and manage Oracle HTTP Server
  • Configure and manage Oracle Application Server Containers for J2EE (OC4J)
  • Configure and manage Oracle Application Server Portal
  • Deploy J2EE applications
  • Manage Oracle Internet Directory
  • Administer the Oracle Application Server Single Sign-On Server
  • Manage and configure Oracle Application Server Certificate Authority
  • Perform backup and recovery for Oracle Application Server 10g

Course Content

  • Oracle Application Server 10g Components and Features
    • Oracle Application Server: Overview
    • Oracle Application Server Components and Solutions
    • Oracle Application Server Installation Types
    • Oracle Application Server Management

  • Installing the OracleAS Infrastructure
    • OracleAS Infrastructure Components
    • OracleAS Infrastructure: Installation Steps
    • Accessing the Oracle Application Server Instance
    • Starting and Stopping OracleAS Infrastructure

  • Installing the OracleAS Middle Tier
    • OracleAS Middle-Tier Installation Phases: Overview
    • Preinstallation: OracleAS Middle-Tier Requirements
    • Middle-Tier Installation Options
    • Accessing the Application Server Control
    • Accessing OracleAS Portal Welcome Page

  • Using Oracle Application Server Management Tools
    • Oracle Application Server Control: Overview
    • Navigating Around the Topology
    • Starting, Stopping, and Restarting Oracle Application Server Instances
    • Viewing Performance Metric Details
    • Enabling SSL for Application Server Control
    • Changing Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Port Values
    • Oracle Process Manager and Notification Server (OPMN)

  • Configuring and Managing Oracle HTTP Server
    • Oracle HTTP Server Modules
    • HTTP Server Processing Model
    • Configuring the Oracle HTTP Server
    • Modifying the Server Properties
    • Configuring and Using Server Logs
    • Advanced Server Properties

  • Configuring and Managing OracleAS Web Cache
    • Managing OracleAS Web Cache with Application Server Control Console
    • Modifying Security Settings
    • Configure Listening Ports for Incoming Browser Requests
    • Configuring Site Definitions and Mapping to Origin Server
    • Creating Caching Rules
    • Caching Dynamic and Partial Pages
    • Invalidation Messages
    • Logging Events and Accessing Information

  • Configuring and Managing OC4J
    • Oracle Application Server Containers for J2EE (OC4J)
    • Creating an OC4J Instance
    • Disabling OC4J Instances
    • OC4J Instance Configuration Files
    • Configuring OC4J Using Application Server Control

  • Oracle Application Server Security Services
    • Oracle Application Server Security Architecture
    • OracleAS Web Cache Security
    • Oracle HTTP Server Security
    • J2EE Security and JAAS
    • Oracle Identity Management Security Solution
    • OracleAS Portal Security Architecture

  • Managing the OracleAS Portal
    • OracleAS Portal Administrative Services: Overview
    • Managing the OracleAS Portal Instance Using Application Server Control
    • OracleAS Portal Schemas
    • Managing Portal Users and Groups
    • Managing the Portlet Repository
    • Exporting and Importing Objects in OracleAS Portal

  • Configuring OracleAS Portal
    • Configuring Self-Registration Feature in OracleAS Portal
    • Configuring OraDAV Support for OracleAS Portal Access
    • ptllang Script to Install Languages
    • Configuring OracleAS Portal Dependencies
    • The Portal Dependency Setting File
    • The Portal Dependency Settings Tool
    • Configuring Portal Web Cache Settings
    • Administering Web Clipping and OmniPortlet

  • Administering the OracleAS Single Sign-On Server
    • Authentication Flow for OracleAS Single Sign-On
    • OracleAS Single Sign-On Administrator's Role
    • Configuring the OracleAS Single Sign-On Server
    • Administering Partner Applications
    • Administering External Applications
    • Monitoring OracleAS Single Sign-On Server
    • Accessing SSO Server from OracleAS Porta

  • Managing Access Using Delegated Administration Services
    • How Oracle Delegated Administrative Services Work
    • Oracle Delegated Administrative Services Proxy User
    • Starting and Stopping
    • Configuring the Default Identity Management Realm-Specific Context
    • Managing Users, Groups, and Subscribers
    • Changing Passwords
    • Managing Services and Accounts
    • Accessing Oracle Delegated Administrative Services from OracleAS Portal

  • Securing OracleAS Components Using SSL
    • How SSL Works?
    • OracleAS Certificate Authority
    • Requesting the Web Administrator Certificate
    • Managing Certificates
    • Configuring OCA Server
    • Oracle Wallet Manager
    • Enabling Oracle Application Server Components

  • Backing Up and Restoring Oracle Application Server
    • Performing a Complete Oracle Application Server Environment Backup
    • Backup and Recovery Tool
    • Performing Backups
    • Restoring Backups

Course Duration

2 days


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