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This course introduces you to Oracle WebCenter's components and teaches you how to add these components to any application to create content-rich, collaborative, customizable applications. In this course you build WebCenter application, and then enhance it with features from Composer, and Services. Using Oracle JDeveloper with the embedded WebCenter Framework extension, you learn how to add portlets, documents, discussion forums, tags, links, and search to the existing application. You also learn how to enable users to compose and edit WebCenter application pages at run time. Solving the practices results in a small, concise, feature-rich WebCenter applications.


  • Java
  • Basic understanding of JDeveloper 11g


  • Understand Oracle WebCenter Suite
  • Describe WebCenter Framework
  • Use portlets in a WebCenter application
  • Understand and work with WebCenter Services
  • Use WebCenter task flows to add documents, discussions, tags, links and searching to application
  • Describe the main functionality of WebCenter Spaces

Course Content

Introduction to Oracle WebCenter 11g
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware
  • Oracle WebCenter 11g: Overview
  • Oracle WebCenter Architecture
Using Portlets
  • What is a Portlet?
  • WebCenter-Supported Portlet Standards
  • Anatomy of a Portlet: Provider, Portlet, Consumer, Communication Protocol
  • Portlet Modes, Customization, and Personalization
  • Registering a Portlet Provider
  • Adding Portlets to a Page
  • Attributes of the Portlet Tag
  • Oracle JSF Portlet Bridge
WebCenter Services
  • What is a WebCenter Service
  • Categories of WebCenter Services
  • Common Features of WebCenter Services
  • Introducing the Functionality of Each Service
Integrating Services into Applications
  • Creating data objects using external data sources
  • Data Objects
  • Creation of data objects
  • Adding permissions, security filters, Dimensions, indexes on data objects
  • Viewing existing Data Objects and moving them
Creating and Using Reports
  • Ways to Integrate WebCenter Services
  • Creating Connections to Backend Servers
  • Adding WebCenter Service Task Flows
  • Defining Task Flow Parameters and Refresh Conditions
  • Defining Task Flow Security Settings
Oracle Composer
  • Runtime Customization of WebCenter Applications
  • How MDS Stores Customization Data
  • The Role of Oracle Composer in Customizing an Application
  • WebCenter Customization Components
  • View and Edit Modes of WebCenter Pages
Creating and Using Reports
  • Creating Tiled Reports
  • Creating Columnar Reports
  • Editing  Reports
  • Printing , Saving Offline and Deleting the  Reports
  • Emailing Reports
  • Organizing and Sharing Reports
Integrating Content
  • Role of Content Repositories
  • JCR Standard API
  • Create Content Repository Connection
  • Use Content Repository Data Control to Access Content
Overview of WebCenter Spaces
  • Understanding WebCenter Spaces
  • Personal Spaces vs. Group Spaces
  • WebCenter Spaces Features
  • Extending WebCenter Spaces

Course Duration

2 days


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