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In this course, students learn to implement, configure, and administer Oracle Content Server. This course is the foundation for becoming an Oracle Content Server administrator. The students gain a conceptual understanding of the behind-the-scenes process for managed content. The students learn to configure Oracle Content Server, which includes implementing security and metadata models and creating content review processes. Students also learn to batch content into the content server as well as to migrate configurations and content.


  • Basic knowledge of Content Managment


  • Creating workflows to represent a formal approval process for content checked into the content server
  • Managing content subscriptions
  • Using Archiver to export and import content
  • Managing multiple servers using the Configuration Migration Utility and Archiver Table Replication to synchronize system configurations
  • Setting up security and metadata models
  • Configuring general System Properties for contribution, such as automatic assignment of Content ID on check in
  • Enabling components that offer specialized functions or efficiencies
  • Contributing content using WebDAV and the Batch-loader administrative applet

Course Content

Understanding Administrative Responsibilities
  • Explaining the typical process for managed content
  • Oracle Content Server overview
  • Administrative Applets overview
Understanding Security Concepts
  • Security overview
  • Components of security
  • Security models
Implementing Security Models
  • Defining, setting up, and maintaining a Role-based security model
  • Defining, setting up, and maintaining an Account-based security model
Implementing a Metadata Model
  • Creating content Types
  • Creating custom metadata fields
  • Creating dependent choice lists
Customizing Standard Oracle Content Server HTML Pages using Rules and Profiles
  • Hiding metadata fields on check in, search, update or content information HTML pages
  • Excluding metadata fields on content server HTML pages
  • Grouping metadata fields on content server HTML pages
  • Deriving metadata values on content server HTML pages
  • Using profiles to create optional content server HTML pages
Configuring Oracle Content Server
  • Defining System Properties
  • Installing and enabling custom components
Contributing Content
  • Using Batch Loader to contribute large quantities of content
  • Configuring and using WebDAV to contribute content
Creating Workflows
  • Explaining workflow concepts
  • Designing and creating Criteria workflows for the automatic routing of content for review
  • Designing and creating Sub-workflows
  • Creating tokens
  • Creating workflow templates
  • Creating Basic workflows
Creating Reports
  • Using default content server report templates
Managing Content and Subscriptions
  • Managing Content
  • Subscriptions
  • Rebuilding the Search Index
System Migration
  • Migrating configurations and customizations
  • Replicating content and tables
Troubleshooting Oracle Content Server
  • Explaining a systematic approach to troubleshooting
  • Finding error and status information

Course Duration

4 days


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