UltimoSoft merges industry-standard methodologies and state of technology best-practices in planning, implementation, and augmentation training to deliver world-class customer service and client-tailored SOA, EAI, B2B, BPM, AJAX Rich Internet Applications, and User Interface solutions to its customers.

Our certified technologists across the world provide on-site, offsite, and offshore integration options and flexible, across-the-board solutions that deliver bottom-line results at the enterprise level -- no matter your business size, industry vertical, or system requirements.

As trusted partners with the latest providers of SOA and other cutting-edge, in-demand technologies, UltimoSoft offers immediate, sustained value in personalized service and a devoted commitment to surpassing your expectations.

Our solutions team of technologists can provide expert delivery in:

  • Ajax Rich Internet Applications
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • B2B Integration
  • Business Activity Monitoring
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Process Management
  • Complex Event Processing
  • Master Data Management
  • Portal
  • Service-Oriented Architecture

Ultimosoft's technologists will scope, augment, and implement service-oriented architecture solutions that optimize resources, minimize spending, and streamline IT services under a single, integrated environment. Secure, immediate, essential data exchanges across your enterprise means end-to-end support no matter pre-existing software or business size.


Enterprise application integration puts all your designated employees, managers, and partners on the same page. We'll help you share data freely, instantly, and securely across all networks -- HR, eCommerce, accounting, CRM, process flow, warehousing. Flexible solutions mean easy augmentation and expansion as technology changes.


When you fully automate transactions between companies, you need to optimize distribution and synchronize the full range of data transfers, from supply chain management, manufacturing, and resellers, to purchase orders, sales payments, and detailed financials. We can streamline your processes, employing necessary industry standards for compliance, while lowering operating costs and powering a return on IT investments.


To remain competitive, businesses call on UltimoSoft to define critical processes, groups, and systems for live, on-the-fly diagnostics and reporting on key performance indicators and service-level agreements. Managers can detect bottlenecks across the enterprise to fine-tune manufacturing, sales, warehousing, supply chain, and partnership operations. Put out sparks before they turn into fires.

Ajax Rich Internet Applications

Previously, companies integrating their business applications had to install costly client/server frameworks and plug-ins to allow their employees to view the array of programs on browser interfaces. Today, Ajax Rich Internet Applications leverage asynchronous communications and scripting language capabilities to deliver speed, scalability, and performance on a robust browser interface.

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