The Telecommunications Challenge

Telecommunications integration poses complex business problems in SOA infrastructure, multi-vendor input frameworks, and comprehensive, enterprise-wide service delivery. UltimoSoft solutions go beyond enabling sales and service applications. We provide extensive data migration, re-engineering for contemporary platforms and efficient connectivity between legacy hardware and innovative systems -- all without sacrificing the client's invested resources.

Here are examples of how we provided immediate and lasting value to our telecom customers:

Hawaiian Telecom
After recently purchasing Hawaiian telecom operations from Verizon, Carlyle group was looking to put the Telecom solution in place in start its operations in Hawaii. Project Paradise was aimed at providing an Order Management System, along with a Customer Support solution, various order provisioning systems, Billing and Work fleet management solutions along with integration of these various systems for the whole enterprise.

Technical Architecture for Common Utility Infrastructure
In this project UltimoSoft was involved in architecting the common utility infrastructure for logging, auditing and error handling and the monitoring strategy using TIBCO Hawk for the entire TIBCO Integration Components. UltimoSoft was also involved in setting up the messaging infrastructure using TIBCO Enterprise Message Service.

Interfaces with Downstream systems
As part of this engagement UltimoSoft was involved in the initial phase of gathering requirements for the downstream Broadband provisioning system to integrate with the ordering system PeopleSoft through the BusinessWorks Workflow layer. The responsibilities included designing and developing the interface which involved creating workflow processes using TIBCO BW Collaborator, coding custom Adapter for Informix using Adapter SDK, configuring TIBCO CORBA Adapter, developing BusinessWorks processes using TIBCO BusinessWorks.

T-Mobile Wireless
UltimoSoft assisted T-Mobile in bridging and integrating its independent SAP, Siebel, Amdocs Billing, J2EEWeb Application, Remedy, SIVR System and T-Mobile internal Payment Systems. This project involved creating an interface between MYTMO (front-end application) and Ideology Age Verification system.






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