Energy and Utilities

Around the globe, the energy and utilities industries have had to adjust to a rapidly changing financial landscape. With an earth-shaking volatility in energy markets, the demand for new sources, and deregulation occurring world-wide, energy and utility companies are striving to develop new business, boost production efficiency, leverage existing resources and assets, and enhance their risk management across the board.

UltimoSoft can help companies gain traction through real-time reporting of their financial positions and operational capabilities. Managers need instant perspective on price spikes (peaks and valleys), the positions of trading counter parties, and effective risk management solutions that they can bring to bear in an aggressive marketplace.

Pipeline companies need diamond-sharp, real-time reporting of their generation, supply, and load data as well as action alerts that help analysts stem losses before they occur. Integrated systems allow for immediate changes in capacity and asset management.

UltimoSoft also helps utility companies maintain back-office operations, integrating customer support, service request and fulfillment, accounting and billing, and digital and paper correspondence.






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