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UltimoSoft - Value Beyond Technology

Leadership, Intelligence, Experience, Partnership

Ultimo Software Solutions' senior consulting and technology team brings decades of experience across all industries in developing, industry-standard methodologies and state of technology best-practices in planning, implementation, and augmentation training to deliver world-class customer service and client-tailored solutions to its customers. Our development techniques adhere strictly to current software standards, ensuring that your solution will be portable, easy to maintain, upgrade, and expand.

Our message is simple: We listen.

Rather than providing technology-biased solutions, we listen to how best we can provide you with custom-designed value, and to keep you ahead of your competitors in a dynamically changing business environment. Our strategists can help you to better position your company in your industry, to secure excelled overall performance, and achieve a measurable, continuing Return on Investment.

Our team of experts consists of Strategists, Brand Developers, User Intelligence Specialists, Content Creators, Designers, Information Architects, Interface Developers, and Technologists, Network and Security Specialists, and Data Architects.

Value, Global Delivery, Stability, and Support
UltimoSoft provides a flexible Engagement Model. Our specialists are available for any and all phases of your project, from Strategy through Implementation. Our overriding mission is to assist you with the best solution. UltimoSoft can provide you with Solution Specialists in multiple ways. We can:

  • Work on site at your facilities
  • Work off site at our facilities
  • Provide Offshore Maintenance
  • Fill specific spot needs.
We anticipate the risks and obstacles of complex projects, plan accordingly, and deliver your solution on time, on budget, and on target. We transfer knowledge from our experts to yours, ensuring your staff will perform quality maintenance of your new installation. With UltimoSoft's extensive experience in all aspects of IT operations, we provide the appropriate documentation and training so you can carry on seamlessly and capably without us.

UltimoSoft Methodology

ultimosoft methodology

Deep Understanding of Your Specific Business Needs
Our senior strategists and industry specialists study the business requirements of your company in close coordination with your strategy team. Together, we determine the current positioning of your company in the industry and where you need to go to remain ahead of the competition.

We bring our experience and expertise to bear in helping determine a digital solution in line with the current industry standards for
  • Business models
  • Brand
  • Relationships
  • Culture
  • Organizational structure
Depending on your needs, we can provide leadership and deep thought knowledge through our strategy team that might include a Brand Strategist, User Intelligence Specialist, Relationship Specialist, Culture, Leadership and Organization Specialist, and a Quantitative Strategist. A Technical Business Analyst will be assigned to bridge the gap between business objectives, functional and organizational requirements, and implementation.

Into Action, Delivering Results
Our Technical Architect will devise a solution which will put you and keep you ahead in terms of technology, reliability, security and high performance.

Integration Specialists that might assist our Technology Team are Enterprise Integration, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration, Mobile solutions, Broadband solutions Integration Specialists, and e-Leaning Integration Specialists.

Best-practice User Experience
The user-experience and technology team is responsible for delivering innovative, high-quality user experience on time with available resources based on the latest trends in navigation, ease of presentation, and ease of retrieval. An experience audit determines qualitative and quantitative metrics by which products are evaluated, translating the business strategy into accomplishing the requisite functionality and the underlying business process. We are dedicated toward formulating a highly scalable, high-performance, technical architecture which takes care of the back-end business processes and helps capture the underlying functionality.

Our goal is to devise a solution which can keep you ahead in terms of technology, reliability, security, and high performance. Our expert team always strives for a productive knowledge transfer, in line with the latest trends in the software, future re-usability, and ease of maintenance.

The technical team works with integrating your existing resources along with an industry-standard, coherent solution in meeting your requirements to your utmost satisfaction, bringing you an unparalleled Return on Investment (ROI).


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